Bernadette in Bartrès

« I only knew my rosary. »

Version française

In the small village of Bartrès, Bernadette was missing her family. Her parents and siblings had found a shelter at the Cachot, a place previously used as a prison, in the rue des petits fossés in Lourdes. She wanted to be back home, go to catechism class and be able to take communion.

To pray Bernadette only had in her possession a small rosary she was always keeping close to her chest. A cheap rosary, made of a cord and black beads that her mother had given her.

Bernadette only knew Our Father, Hail Mary and I believe in God. She could say them only in french as she did not know how to say them in Latin or in the local language.

The little statue made of clay portraits a young girl, sound and robust as a rock, strongly holding to her rosary.  A rosary that was to play a key role in establishing communication with the Lady.

 Steps in creating the little statue

Every figurine is sculpted from a piece of clay then burnt at a temperature of about 1000°C . It is then decorated and burnt a second time at a temperature of about 1200°C.


The colors used are the traditional iron and cobalt oxides.

Colors are next covered with enamel making them look white again. With the high temperature the clay will become as hard as a stone and the enamel will turn transparent revealing the blue and brown colors.

About a day later, here they are!


Height: 6 cm

Price: 10 euro





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